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Isabel Ruiz de Villa, “La Chamela”, was born in Barcelona, where she was initiated into Flamenco Dance by Flora Albaicín. She has been taught by “La Singla”, “La Chana”, Mario Maya, Belén Maya, Ana Mª López, Matilde Coral, Eva “La Yerbabuena”, Manuela Carpio, “Farruquito”, “ La Faraona” and “La Farruca”. 
Very soon she was featuring in shows of traditional Flamenco Dance, initially with Flora Albaicín and later on with a company of her own, performing throughout Spain, France, Germany, Italy and Hong Kong.
From 1988 to 1991 she held the artistic directorship of the Tablao de Carmen, in Barcelona.
In 1993, together with cello soloist Josep Bassal, her performance of various pieces from the classical repertory of Spanish music for the cello met with great success at the Orchestra Hall in Detroit (U.S.A).
In 1996 she performed in Elías Arizcuren's show “Falla-Lorca” at the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam and other venues in Holland, together with the cello octet “Conjunto Ibérico”. Subsequently, she was invited by
the Utrecht Conservatoire to give a master-class on the art of flamenco.
As a member of the group Cello & Piano & Flamenco, she has presented programmes of Spanish music and Flamenco which have travelled to Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Syria, Lebanon and Colombia. She has also toured Germany, Switzerland, Austria and France with her show Faszination Flamenco, to great public and critical acclaim. 
In Cataluña she features regularly in the festivals of Begur, Pals and Calonge, where she has presented outstanding shows such as “Repompa de Málaga”, and “Noche Flamenca con la Repompa de Málaga” (2008), starring Rafaela Reyes and her daughters Amparo and Raquel Heredia; or “Carmen de la Jara and La Chamela” (2009) in which she performed together with the cantaora (singer) from Cadiz, Carmen de la Jara.